Think Like a Golfer: A RuthlessGolf.com Quick Guide (English Edition)

In many ways modern sports psychology is a child of the self-help movement of the early 20th Century. The idea that individuals could easily learn enough psychology to improve their personal performance was radical then, but commonplace today.However, these early self-help writers built their approach using theological terms which were commonly understood at the time. In our modern world, that is no longer the case—although the terms themselves are still widely used. As a result, much of what passes for sports psychology sounds more like "wishcraft."In "Think Like a Golfer" Mike Southern, author of the long-running Ruthless Golf blog, teaches you the lost concepts behind the terms... and he does it without writing an evangelistic tract! "The basics of self-belief," he writes, "are the same whether you're talking about belief in God, belief in yourself, or belief that your car will start when you turn the key in the morning."In this book you'll learn:** how true self-belief differs from mere self-hypnosis and wishful thinking** the mechanics of self-belief—how a belief is actually built and grounded in reality so it improves your performance** why trying to believe "hard enough" rarely works** what useful self-talk sounds like and techniques for getting dependable results** how self-belief helps you make better strategy decisions on the course** how to avoid the pitfalls of self-doubt and deal with pressure** what "the Zone" is and how it's related to self-beliefYes, you CAN improve your performance on the golf course. You CAN learn to "Think Like a Golfer"!

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Book Title: Think Like a Golfer: A RuthlessGolf.com Quick Guide (English Edition)

Book Author: Mike Southern

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