Babes Place: The Lives of Yankee Stadium (English Edition)

The long awaited New York Yankees/Yankee Stadium history ebook is finally here! Featuring 620 pages, "BABE'S PLACE: THE LIVES OF YANKEE STADIUM," showcases 91 general photos pertaining to the stadium and events, and 162 1970's renovation photos. Most are in color. Photos and history of the building of the New York Yankees and the building of Yankee Stadium in the 1920's are also covered. Do you know how the Yankees got their name, or that inventor Thomas Edison supplied the super-hard Portland cement for Yankee Stadium? These and many other fascinating facts about the greatest team in the history of sports are answered in this book. Nearly 100 pages of text detail the historic renovation of America’s most famous ballpark from October 1973 thru June of 1976. Another 86 pages are covered in interviews and information of people who worked on this historic project. Almost all books regarding the history of Yankee Stadium barely mention the renovation of Yankee Stadium, and have maybe one photograph of this endeavor. “Babe’s Place” answers the many questions baseball fans have had of this project. This book also includes photos and text of the Yankees in Shea Stadium in 1974 and 1975. Author and historian, Michael Wagner, spent 13 years on this project, and has revealed many never-before-seen pictures and other information that any baseball fan will enjoy. No ebook has ever been written in as much detail to cover the 1970's Yankee Stadium renovation. "BABE'S PLACE" is groundbreaking in details, insights, and history. Over 200 former baseball players, umpires, and baseball executives express their opinions of the renovation of Yankee Stadium. Many former baseball players and umpires have also expressed their opinion about the demolition of Yankee Stadium in 2010. For more information, go to www.babes-place.com or www.historyoftheyankees.com

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Book Title: Babes Place: The Lives of Yankee Stadium (English Edition)

Book Author: Michael Wagner

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